The Global 360 Training Academy located at Global Machine Tools Auckland based facility has been set up to provide training not only for all our Doosan and Matsuura customers but to offer a range of training courses to any manufacturer or their employees with Fanuc based CNC machine tools.

In partnership with machine tool supplier Doosan, the 360 Training Academy boasts the latest CNC technology having installed both a high speed vertical machining centre and a turning centre with C axis milling capabilities. The 360 Training Academy features a practical training area, a separate classroom and all the amenities to cater for students in small groups or one on one depending on the needs of the students and the training required.

Global 360 Operator Training is vital with today’s CNC machines as it can seriously impact on the performance and productivity of your Doosan machine tool and in the worst case scenario. Poorly trained operators can cause many thousands of dollars in damage to the machine. The Global 360 Training Academy can provide operator training to ensure your Doosan machine is utilised safely to its full potential. Our operator training is normally based on the specific customer’s machine but training can be held at the Global 360 Training Academy depending on the type and model of the machine.

The operator training courses are designed to provide your staff with a complete understanding of the machine tool and the necessary skills to set up and produce components quickly and safely in a reliable way.